Sunday, October 9, 2011

PSF successful OPEN DAY 2011

We were thrilled at the number of guests who visited us on OPEN DAY last Saturday. Thanks to everyone who came - we hope you enjoyed it. Students currently studying Certificate III in Floristry were invited to compete in floristry events.
Students from Term 1 were asked to create a Spring Posy and bring it in for judging on the day.

Students from Term 2 were asked to create a Spring Wreath at home to be judged on OPEN DAY.

Students from Term 3 participated in a Mystery Bucket Competition - they arrived 15 minutes before the start of the competition to find out what flowers and materials they could use for their creations. Term 3 students had to create a Hand-tied Bridal Bouquet incorporating roses!

Term 4 & Open Students were given the brief to create a corporate reception vase from the Mystery Bucket of flowers - gorgeous long lasting blooms - leucadendrons, alstroemeria and waratah were included.

Visit our website for a list of the Winners on the day! PSF News

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