Sunday, October 16, 2011

PSF Graduate in the News

At PSF, we were thrilled to open Sunday's newspaper to read about past student Emily Butcher. Emily's journey into the world of floristry has been both varied and thoroughly inspirational.

Read the article here....

Monday, October 10, 2011

Pearsons demonstrators wow the crowds!

Visitors to Pearsons School of Floristry Open Day were wowed by demonstrations from 2 of our favourite designers. Marc Maurier from the Pearsons design centre demonstrated his skills with big, bold flowers perfect for a fantastic event. Marc is instrumental each week in the creation of some of the biggest displays for Pearsons large corporate and hotel clients.

We all just love Heidi's demos too. Heidi is a freelance stylist and teaches some of our Courses for Fun. Her set up is always bright and creative taking advantage of quirky vintage pieces from op shops and the best blooms of the season. Heidi demonstrated gorgeous styling to create unique wedding displays.
If you'd like to do a course with either Marc or Heidi visit our website for up and coming courses - PSF.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

PSF successful OPEN DAY 2011

We were thrilled at the number of guests who visited us on OPEN DAY last Saturday. Thanks to everyone who came - we hope you enjoyed it. Students currently studying Certificate III in Floristry were invited to compete in floristry events.
Students from Term 1 were asked to create a Spring Posy and bring it in for judging on the day.

Students from Term 2 were asked to create a Spring Wreath at home to be judged on OPEN DAY.

Students from Term 3 participated in a Mystery Bucket Competition - they arrived 15 minutes before the start of the competition to find out what flowers and materials they could use for their creations. Term 3 students had to create a Hand-tied Bridal Bouquet incorporating roses!

Term 4 & Open Students were given the brief to create a corporate reception vase from the Mystery Bucket of flowers - gorgeous long lasting blooms - leucadendrons, alstroemeria and waratah were included.

Visit our website for a list of the Winners on the day! PSF News

Friday, October 7, 2011

Setting up for OPEN DAY in Darlinghurst

A dedicated team of florists and students were busy at our Oxford Street store this week creating fabulous displays for OPEN DAY for Saturday October the 8th. Designer Marc Maurier was the inspiration for his team of staff and students - his brief to create a Secret Garden!

Marc had students build a beautiful tree of fluttering ribbons and blooms, a cascade of flowers down the stairs and decorate a fabulous old-style car incorporated into our courtyard garden.

As well he designed a fabulous wedding party display featuring babies breath, a marvellous corporate array of flowers and a forest of flowers over the entrance to the store!